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Silence your mind and prepare your heart.  If you have a pulse and breath, you are given the choice to exist, live and thrive."

-Dana Bagnall

Making A Difference Because You Matter

Making A Difference Because You Matter is a holistic organization helping you to live a more sustainable and joyful life in peace, health, and wellness. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and worthless. We focus on the whole person and their well-being to live their lives harmoniously.

Our products and services (inclusive of our Wellness Partners), are uniquely created to support, encourage, and guide you to awakening, strengthening, so you can freely live a breakthrough life of more abundance.

Online Courses

Live Life Abundantly Academy

Our online courses at Live Life Abundantly Academy help women become unstuck by discovering what's holding them back (pains, hurts, and fears) using our strategic, My Peace is P.U.L.S.E proven system. While boldly empowering them to confidently break through and achieve their goals, visions, and dreams.

Live Life Abundantly Academy provides workshops, mentoring, group, and one-on-one coaching to help crystalize your vision and dreams so that you may build a more sound future. These courses assist you in developing a plan and creating a path to accomplish your GOALSVISION, and DREAMS!

While in the Academy, consider joining us in the Breakthrough Program, a transformational journey to help you overcome what may be preventing you from walking fully in your purpose. You will learn to breakthrough and overcome past pains, hurts, and fears in twelve (12) weeks, so you may live life in abundance! "Your health is your wealth.”

This holistic program is a blend of live coaching, pre-recorded videos, and development. Take this next step to Breakthrough!

Pulse Recipes

Welcome to Pulse with Dana! Take your "P.U.L.S.E. * Eat your Pulse. 

Our mission is to provide opportunities for you to experience Source Creation by actively taking and eating your pulse for holistic wellness.

Journey through our site and discover ways to grow, heal, and wet your palate. May each intentional step alchemize your well-being. I am sending you love, light, and hopes for creating brighter futures.

Dana Bagnall - The Differentiator

What Others Say


As a participant in a 2019 Breakthrough Cohort, my soul was touched and I am forever changed.  I now give myself permission to place "me" on the Priority List along with everyone else that I love.  Yes, I Matter.

I encourage EVERY woman to become a "Breakthrough Queen," and Live Life Abundantly. Yes, U Matter too!

Pamela L. 

 / Business Owner


It is one thing to recognize your God-given gifts, it is another to recognize and reckon with what is holding you back from fully living in your purpose. Experiencing the fabulous Breakthrough Program in a cohort with other women, enabled me to do just that. The program provided the knowledge, tools and nourishment for me to live in better alignment - mind, body, and soul!  

I am a “Breakthrough Queen” and invite every woman to become one too! 

Linda D.

/ Designer


Dana has gentle way with knowing when and how to pick at the hurts. She has opened up questions about myself that I truly want to answer now. I know I can use what I learned more." - Brittany L.

Brittany L.

/ Mother

Transforming the Spirit, Mind, Body

& Shopping

Modifying a healthy lifestyle journey is a process.  We love sharing information that you may use to re-create your life. 

Shop for holistic products and services.  Stay tuned!

I AM...
Dana Bagnall

And I am the founder of Making a Difference Because You Matter and creator of Live Life Abundantly Academy.

I am a wife, mother of six bonus children, grandmother, daughter, sister, and great aunt with decades of experience in mentoring, training, and teaching in the healthcare, education, and financial planning industries. As a woman, I have learned to flourish in my career, survive trauma and loss, and overcome challenges. I’ve been saved and strengthened to walk further in my purpose when I realized who I Am and said “yes” to the calling on my life. My joy comes from sharing my awakening and breakthrough with you so that you may prosper and experience wholeness.

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